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New Generation Booking Form - Terms & Conditions

NEW GENERATION GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Applicable for all bookings made after the 1st June 2017

Please read these terms and conditions before making a booking. By making a booking with us you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Please refer to our brochure or website for a description of the products referred to in these terms and conditions. If anything in these terms and conditions is not clear, or you would like to discuss them, please do give us a call and we would be happy to talk you through them.

All prices quoted by us and paid for by you are for instruction only. You must arrange and pay for separately all other potential costs connected with the lesson, for example any equipment hire, lift passes, accommodation and insurance.

General Terms 

If we believe that incorrect information has been provided regarding the age or level of a child or adult, and we do not have space to move them to an appropriate lesson, we reserve the right to exclude them from the lesson without offering a refund.

Please make sure that you check where you need to meet our instructor for your lesson. This information can be found on our website, from your tour operator or booking agent, or with us in the office. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time for the lesson, and any delays to the start time due to you not being able to locate the instructor can unfortunately not be refunded and may not be able to be made up at the end of the lesson. 

Although we would like to be able to control the weather, we cannot be held responsible for things outside of our control, such as bad weather, or piste, lift or resort closure. If we are unable to provide our services due to something outside of our control we will not provide a refund, but we are happy to provide a letter for your insurance company.

Skiing and snowboarding are hazardous activities and you undertake them at your own risk. Full skiing insurance is strongly advised, as we cannot be held responsible for any injury, losses or accidents which occur during your lesson. The instructors will choose the appropriate terrain for the level of skiers or boarders in their lessons. This may or may not be between the piste markers or off piste if deemed appropriate by the instructor.

In some lessons and clinics your instructor might include some off piste skiing away from the piste markers. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to ski off piste. In some off piste-specific sessions you will be required to wear avalanche safety equipment. If you don't have any we can advise you where you can hire it. New Generation reserves the right to remove clients from these sessions if appropriate safety equipment is not used by the client.

We are always sorry if you cannot make the lessons that you have booked; but if you are unable to attend the lesson on the day, we cannot give a refund for the missed lesson or reschedule. We are happy to provide a letter for your insurance company in this instance.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking (unless otherwise arranged). In the event of cancellation by you for whatever reason, reimbursement will be calculated as follows: more than 28 days: refunded 70% of lesson price; 11 - 27 days: refunded 50% of lesson price; 10 days or less: no refund.

If for any reason you are not happy with the lesson or service provided please let us know at the earliest opportunity to enable us to deal with your feedback effectively.

Age requirements for our lessons 

Lesson Type


Age requirement

Children’s Groups



Young Arrows








Teen Groups

Pro Rider


Private Lessons

Private lessons (ski or board)


Adult Ski Groups

Adult group lessons


Clinics and Developer Sessions


Snowboarding Groups

Snowboarding Groups/Clinics/Developer Sessions


New Generation reserve the right to remove clients from their groups at the start of the lessons if it is clear within reasonable understanding that the person does not meet the age restrictions stipulated above, and if applicable parents /guardian of the child cannot provide proof of age.


We are always happy to talk through your ski or snowboard level to find the lesson that is right for you, and a full description of each lesson type and level is available on our website.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you book yourself and the others in your party into the correct level and lesson type.  Where we think it is necessary to ensure that you will get the most out of your lesson, we may have to move you to a different level or lesson.

Group lessons (Children's and Adults, Ski and Snowboard)

We need a minimum of 2 people per lesson to run our 5 or 6 day groups (and 3 day groups in resorts where these operate).  With 6 day groups in France, Sunday sessions will run for 1hr with 1 person and 2hrs with 2 or more people.  In Verbier and St Anton, the Sunday session will run for 2hrs with 1 person, or 3hrs with 2 or more people. If you are the only person who has booked on you will be notified, by telephone or by email, no later than the Friday before the week in which the lesson is due to take place. If you are booking by telephone we will usually inform you that you are the first person booking into the relevant lesson at the time of booking (This is also visible online when you make a booking). We sell a number of our lessons in resort, but if you are still the only person in the group by the time it is due to take place you will be offered a refund or an exchange for a private lesson. The group will unfortunately not run with only 1 person. Although we will always do our best to ensure the lessons run at your selected time slot we may in certain circumstances have to change the lesson start time. For example: If we are running a group of the same level at 9:15 and 11:30 and one of those groups had 2 people or less in we would combine them.  We will let you know by telephone if this happens.

For French resorts, we only accept 8 people into a group when we are taking the bookings (or only 6 children in our Whippersnappers group). In Verbier we only accept 5 people into a group, and in Villars we only accept 6 people in a group. At the start of group lessons we check your skiing or snowboarding levels.  If necessary we may move people around so everyone is in the right group to ensure smooth running of the lessons.  Accordingly, we may have to alter group sizes; this may mean that groups sometimes go to 9 (or 7 with Whippersnappers).

Adult groups and Whippersnappers (kids) run for 2hrs each day (except at Christmas or New Year, or in Verbier, St Anton and Villars all season, when/where they run for 3hrs a day). All other children’s lessons run for 4.5hrs each day apart from Sunday when they run for 2hrs (excl. Serre Chevalier where lessons will run for 2hrs a day, Les Arcs and Vallandry where lessons will run for 4.25hrs a day and Verbier/Villars where lessons will run for 3hrs each day).  Outside of normal peak weeks (Christmas, New Year, Easter and Half Term) we may set up 2hr children’s groups if there is demand. 

Ride Tribe

In some resorts there is the option to upgrade to full day lessons on one/two days of the week as part of the “Ride Tribe”. This will include lunch and is charged at an additional cost. We need a minimum of 2 children to run Ride Tribe. If your child is the only one booked you will be informed the week prior, as per the system above, and a full refund will be given.


Clinics run in non-peak weeks and run for 6hrs (excl Vallandry and Les Arcs where they run for 5hrs, and St Anton where they run for 9hrs) and run for the full duration with a minimum of 2 people. If you are the only person booked you will will be informed by the Friday the week before your lesson and have the option to swap it for a 2hr private (3hrs in St Anton), or for a full refund.  We only accept a maximum of 6 people to be booked into one clinic. If necessary to facilitate swapping people between the different clinic levels this number may go up to 7.

Backcountry Sessions

Our Off Piste and Ski Touring/Split Boarding Backcountry Sessions run for 6hrs (9hrs in St Anton). The first session runs for 2hrs, the second session for 4hrs (the first 3hrs in St Anton, the second 6hrs). The sessions run with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people. If you are the only person booked you will be notified the week prior to the lesson (as per the group lessons noted above). If we do not find a second person for the group you will be given a full refund. Avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe) is required for the Backcountry Sessions and can be supplied if required. You should inform us at the time of booking if you require this.


We need a minimum of 3 people (2 in Villars or St Anton) to run our Explorers for the full scheduled length (4 hours in France, 1 or 2 days in Serre Chevalier, in St Anton - 3hrs for St Anton Explorer, 6hrs for Arlberg Explorer).   In all French resorts excluding Serre Chevalier there is the option to run a 3hr Explorer if only 2 people book, or we will offer a full refund if you would prefer. If you are the only person who has booked on you will be notified in advance (as described above, please see the “group lesson” section) and we will offer an alternative product or a refund. Avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe) is required for the Off Piste Explorer and can be supplied if required. You should inform us at the time of booking if you require this. There is a minimum level requirement of level 7 for skiers or level 5 for boarders to ensure you have the required off piste experience. If the instructor does not feel you meet this requirement you may be asked to leave the group and no refund will be offered.

Data usage

We take your email address at the time of booking in order to email you a confirmation of your booking, containing the details of your booking as well as a link to the meeting point in your resort. We will also use any email addresses supplied at time of booking to add to our mailing list and send you news and snow updates from time to time.  If you do not wish to be added to our mailing list please say so at the point of booking. Alternatively you can opt-out of receiving email communications from us. All our email communications contain an opt-out link. We will not supply your email address, or any other personal details, to third parties or suppliers.


During your lessons New Generation may take photos of clients and children under the age of 18 skiing and boarding.  Our instructors also use photography and videos in order to give feedback and instruction. If you do not wish us to take or use imagery or footage of you for marketing purposes please say so at the time.  We may take pictures and videos of our children's groups during the lessons and also at the certificate presentation at the end of the week. These pictures will be put on our website or Facebook galleries for you to view at the end of the week. You will be given the opportunity to opt out when signing them in at the start of the week.  Please do let us know if you do not wish photography or footage of your children to be used in this way.

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